• Contact person: Mr.Zheng Ms.Ye
  • ADD: Yiwu International Expo Centre
    No.59 East Zongze Road, Yiwu,
    Zhejiang, China
  • Tel: +86-579-85415012/475
  • Fax: +86-579-85415077
  • E-mail: import@yiwufair.com

Exhibition Scope

  • Imported household articles: Chemical cleansing products/ Maternal and Child products/ Kitchen supplies/ Bathroom supplies/ Service robot/ Electric appliances/ Digital equipment/ Communication equipment/ Sports and Entertainment products/ Household decoration/ Health care equipment, etc;
  • Imported food and Beverages: Coffee/ Wine/ Tea/ Alcoholic drink and Non-alcoholic drink/ Liquor equipment/ Tea set/ Snack food/ Ready-to-eat food/ Health care products, etc;
  • Imported art-crafts & Ornaments: Ceramics/ Crystals/ Handicrafts/ Toys/ Jewelries/ Ornaments, etc;
  • Imported garments & Accessories: Children’s wear/ Men’s wear/ Women’s wear/ Accessories, etc;
  • Cross-border E-commerce service providers & International trade service providers: Cross-border business enterprises/ International logistics/ E-business trading platform/ Third party payment platform/ Import trade supply chain enterprises/ Duty-free stores and Import trading agency/ Import trading platform/ Free trade area/ Bonded Area/ Service agency, etc.