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    To be the top trade show on imported consumer goods in China


    Theme: Promoting open innovation, sharing global resources

    Venue: Yiwu International Expo Centre, Zhejiang, China

    Date: May 6th-9th, 2017

    Sub-venue: Imported Commodities Mall Yiwu China Commodities City

    Exhibition Scale: above 50,000




    China Chamber of International Commerce

    China General Chamber of Commerce

    China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing


    Foreign Trade Development Office of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

    The Exhibition Department of China Chamber of International Commerce

    Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province

    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Zhejiang Sub-council

    Yiwu Municipal People’s Government


    Yiwu China Commodity City Exhibition Co.,Ltd  


    Exhibition Scope:                          

    Imported household articles                     

    Imported food and Beverages                 

    Imported art-crafts & Ornaments                 

    Imported garments & Accessories            

    Cross-border E-commerce service providers        

     & International trade service providers     


    Booth Charge:

    Standard booth: 5800/ per booth (3m*3m)   Raw space: 500 /

    400 extra charge for corner booth


    Contact Us:

    Tel: +86-579-85415012/475

    Fax: +86-579-85415077


    No.59 Zongze Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China


    Exhibition Review:

    2016 China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair has set up 2113 international standard booths according to the layout of five continents. The fair mainly exhibits consumer goods brands of second and third tier from various countries and regions. Among 64 countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, 39 countries have come to the exposition positively like Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Poland, etc.. Around 178,600 purchasers and visitors, increasing 1.47% than 2015, from 70 countries: Korea, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. and 24 provinces in China: Zhejiang, Guanggong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, etc. have visitors from 70 countries: Korea, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. and 24 provinces in China: Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, etc.have visited the fair during the four-day procurement negotiations. A number of bonded logistics centers, cross-border E-commerce platforms, imported commodities supermarkets from Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Ningbo, etc. came to visit the fair, leaving a total product procurement agent intention of over 30,000 items and total trading value of 1.251 billion Yuan, with year-on-year growth of 6.6%.




    Exhibitors/ Buyers Data Analysis (2016)

    Total number of exhibitors: 1560 companies

    Total number of exhibiting countries: over 100 nations

    Total number of buyers: 178,600 person time

    Total procurement agent intentions: over 30000 items

    Total intentional turnover: 1.251 billion Yuan




    The bridgehead of overseas commodities entering the chinese market

    Yiwu Imported Commodities Mall is an imported commodities displaying and selling centre that target in business, exhibition and negotiation. It is the largest distribution centre of imported commodities with the most various types in China. It covers an operation area of 100,000with more than 77,000 kinds of imported commodities from over 100 countries, including food & health care products, garments & shoes and hats, general merchandise, jewelry & crafts, etc..The Imported Commodities Mall, relying on the Yiwu market, having conducted intimate business relations with 219 countries and regions all over the world and covered multiple distribution network channels of over 300 large and medium-sized cities in China, has revealed its increasing dynamic potential and ever growing development space with its superiority in transit trade and primary domestic wholesale position.

    Tel: +86-579-81068106